Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Journey

Recently, Kelly Clarkson shared some of the wellness and health practices that have assisted her in losing weight.

The singer and daytime talk show host claimed to have "dropped weight" as part of a new regimen for her health in an interview with People.

Among the things she's done to lose weight are walk, eat a balanced diet, and occasionally indulge in pleasures.

The singer adds that she takes cold plunges and infrared saunas.

I lost weight because I've been paying attention to my doctor; in the last few years, I wasn't," she said. And since a protein-rich diet is healthy for me anyhow, I'm really good at it 90% of the time.

I'm a Texas gal, therefore I apologize to all vegans worldwide—I like meat!

I continue to overspend. I had some frozen yogurt with my kid the other night, and it was  magical.

Clarkson says she has a diet high in protein and consumes a variety of healthful foods. Both experts concur that this is beneficial if weight loss is your main objective.

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